• philosophy

    I see my services as giving my clients a hand and walking them through the process of their home and life improvement. Thus, these services have a very personal nature which is underlined by meeting my clients at their home and at times suiting their diary.

    I put my clients first. My interest  is to enable them utilising their current property in the best possible way. This is not only improving the life of the owner at the lowest possible cost, it also has positive environmental and social effects, for example:

    Less resources are necessary: for the building job itself, for improving the property in order to sell it, for improving the newly bought property and for the move itself.

    The established social networks are kept and enlarged.



    curriculum vitae

    - Degree as a draftsperson in Germany.

    - 8 years of practical experience in architectural offices in Germany.

    - Graduation as an architect in Germany.

    - 7 years of working in The Netherlands.

    - 4.5 years of working in Great Britain.